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What should I do if the mobile phone signal is poor when 4G becomes "E"? Mobile signal repeater can easily help you solve the problem!

What should I do if the mobile phone signal is poor when 4G becomes "E"? Mobile signal repeater can easily help you solve the problem!


        When the mobile signal changes from 4G to 2G, the letters on the phone also change from 4G to E. Under the 2G network, if you want to open a website, it takes a long time to cache. For consumers who are used to 4G and wireless speed, it is painful to wait for a long time that is almost the same as disconnecting the network.


        In real life, due to incomplete or too far of base station construction, people will suffer poor signal problem when using mobile phones and unable to communicate on the Internet normally. For example, in remote rural areas, dense rental houses, elevators, shopping malls, basements and other places, the call is often interrupted, or the other party can't hear the voice. Excepting the problem of shading, the density of buildings will also affect the strength of mobile phone signals. The more complex the layout of the buildings, the harder to receive signals. So what should you do when the mobile phone signal is not good? Is there any way to help us solve it?

        To solve the problem of poor signal, installing Amplitec mobile phone signal repeater is the most cost-effective way. Today, I would like to recommend a tri-band mobile phone signal booster, which can easily solve your communication problems.

        ALC automatic power and MGC gain control function to keep the signal more stable.

        The Five band mobile phone signal repeater is designed with aluminum alloy material, which has anti-interference function. AGC technology chip, Additionally, in order to make the signal more stable, it can also automatically adjust the gain, which is suitable for using in various scenarios. The product is designed with a large-size LCD display frequency, which perfectly displays the operating parameters of the equipment, and has a real-time isolation detection function. When the isolation deteriorates, it starts to detect and alarm. With the self-excitation elimination function, the gain will be automatically reduced when the isolation is not enough to generate self-excitation, and the automatic shutdown of the follow-up sleep function, the device will enter the sleep state when there is no user in the coverage area, reducing interference to the base station. As long as there is a signal source, it can help you enhance the indoor signal, so that you can easily get rid of the days of no network, and you can do it with one machine!

        Easy to install and just need three-step to finish within ten minutes

        Firsly, you should find the outdoor signal source, to install the outdoor antenna, and the distance of antenna and the host at least 10 meters away from the wall;


        Then the indoor antenna needs to be fixed on the ceiling.

        Finally, connect the power supply to the host and plug it in.


        If you are not sure about the installation, you can take a look at the following installation diagram, which will make it easy for you to understand how to install it.


        Amplitec's cell phone signal booster can help you completely change the problem of cell phone signal and enhance the signal function of calls and Internet access. Real all frequency operator network signal amplifier, easy to solve signal problems.

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