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Why does the mobile phone show that the 5G signal network speed is weak?

Why does the mobile phone show that the 5G signal network speed is weak?


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        Instantly download 1G movies, play VR games without lag... After major operators launched 5G, the 5G network speed experience has been described as an "unusual" feeling. Is the 5G network speed really that fast? Many users who have experienced 5G complain that 5G is displayed on their mobile phones, but the actual network speed is very weak. What is going on?

        The reason why the 5G signal is not actually improved: there is too much signal interference, and other surrounding networks will also interfere with the 5G signal during the transmission process, so that part of the received signal is caused by interference.

        In the era of the developed modern network, the network is everywhere in the place of life, and all kinds of radio waves exist at the same time and interfere with each other. It can be said that whether it is a 3G network or a 4G network, or even the most developed 5G network, almost It is impossible to reach the theoretical peak.

        Most of them are NSA base stations, and the country also requires major operators to use SA base stations, because SA modules are the complete body of 5G, and they will also develop in the direction of SA in the future, but covering SA base stations requires a lot of work. and time.

        The higher the wireless signal frequency band, the faster the data transmission speed, but the signal attenuation will decrease accordingly. 5G and 4G frequency bands are different. China Mobile has two frequency bands, 2.5G-2.6G and 4.8G-4.9G, China Telecom is 3.4G-3.5G, and China Unicom is 3.5G-3.6G. In contrast, the 4G frequency band of domestic operators is concentrated between 1.8G and 2.3G. The frequency band is lower and the signal attenuation is not serious. Therefore, the 4G base station transmits information farther, and its coverage is much higher than that of 5G. 

        5G's smaller coverage means that its stability may be affected by the speed of movement. Once the moving speed is too fast, the signal range of the current base station will immediately shift to the next site, back and forth to find the site, which will naturally affect the signal. The 5G coverage is also affected by the geographical environment. If a 5G base station can cover a radius of 100 meters, it does not mean that the 5G network can be received within this radius.

        The reason is related to the characteristics of the 5G signal itself. 5G is a typical high-frequency short wave. In addition to the small signal propagation range, the penetration ability is also insufficient, and it is easily blocked. Therefore, in some areas with dense high-rise buildings, if the construction of 5G base stations is insufficient, the 5G signal will be affected, which is also the reason why the network speed varies greatly in different locations.

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