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Why is there no cell phone signal?

Why is there no cell phone signal?


        We may encounter the problem that the mobile phone has no signal. At this time, we often cannot make calls or surf the Internet. This situation makes us very troubled. So what is the reason for the lack of mobile phone signal? The following will introduce to you. 

Why is there no cell phone signal?

        There are only two situations when the mobile phone has no signal:

        1. There is a network problem or the network cannot be covered.

        When the network coverage is not good, generally in the mountains, basements, elevators and when there is shielding or signal interference, there will be no signal or very weak appearance. In the process of network debugging, optimization, and maintenance, the signal may also be unstable. Generally, when the network returns to normal, the mobile phone signal will return to normal.

        2. The problem of the mobile phone itself.

        There may be a problem with the mobile phone receiver and SIM card slot. Need to go to a repair shop.

        Of course, the factor of SIM card damage cannot be ruled out.cellular phone booster

Judgment method

        1. Check whether the mobile phone card slot or the sim card is damaged: you can try to insert another mobile phone card, and then put the sim card of the mobile phone itself on the other mobile phone to see if there is a signal. If the card slot is damaged, it is recommended to replace the card slot. The sim card is damaged, please go to the business hall to replace the sim card.

        2. The mobile phone has no signal caused by the network delay: you can turn on the airplane mode of the mobile phone, turn it off after five seconds, or restart the mobile phone.

        3. The signal in the place is not good and the signal cannot be searched. You can search for another place.

        4. The mobile phone receiver is damaged: If the above reasons are excluded and there is still no signal, it is suspected that the mobile phone receiver is broken, please go to the mobile phone after-sales site for inspection and maintenance.

        When there is no signal when neither the mobile phone nor the SIM card is damaged, it may be a problem with the mobile base station or a problem with the mobile phone system.

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