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Amplitec MDAS 37dBm Digital Fiber Optical Signal Repeater For Rural Area

Amplitec MDAS 37dBm Digital Fiber Optical Signal Repeater For Rural Area

* 99% pass customs clearance,Amplitec have many certificates,such as CE,RoHS,FCC,etc...

* 100% solve mobile cell phone weak signal problem.

* Full band support (or narrow band). 

* Digital RF and light processing. 

* Uplink Noise Suppression. 

* Supports optical bypass and optical delay calibration function. 

* Auto Level Control to limit the output power to ensure safe and stable coverage. 

* Internal backup battery for sending alarms during power failure. 

* Connect to Amplitec cloud platform via 4G modem for remote management and monitoring.

* MTBF >100,000 hours. 

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Amplitec O37T series digital fiber optical repeater adopts software radio technology. The main unit performs frequency conversion processing after receiving downlink signal from the donor antenna, and converts it into an I/Q signal, which is converted into a digital signal by ADC and then sent to the remote unit through optical fiber. the remote unit recovers the received digital signal and converts it into an analog signal through the DAC, then converts the frequency to the radio frequency, and transmits it through the service antenna; the remote unit sends the received uplink signal of the mobile phone to the base station through the above reverse process.

The O37T MU (main unit) has 4 FC optical ports, which can be connected to 4 RU(remote unit). The RU is also equipped with 2 LC optical ports, which supports parallel or series connection of multiple RU. The transmission distance between the MU and the RU is up to 15km, which is suitable for 2G 3G 4G 5g signal coverage in villages, tunnels, mines and other places.




Frequency Band

Any one band in "x" @ O37T-Bx-MU/RU

Any two band in "x" @ O37T-BxBx-MU/RU


Full Bandwidth or Customize

UL 85dB (MU+RU), DL 90dB (MU+RU)

Output Power

UL 27dBm (MU), DL 37dBm (RU)

Gain Attenuate

1~31dB, Step of 1dB

ALC Control Range

30 dB



Spurious Emission

≤-36dBm @ 9KHz~1GHz,

≤-30dBm @ 1GHz~12.75GHz


Fully comply with 3GPP


Fully comply with 3GPP


Fully comply with 3GPP

Noise Figure


Group Delay


Optical Transmit Power


Optical Receive Sensitivity


Optical Transmission Distance

≥15 KM

Optical Interface


Local Monitoring

PC software via RJ45

Remote Monitoring

Connect to Amplitec cloud platform

via 4G modem



Operating Temperature

-10℃ ~ +55℃

Power Supply

AC 100~264V/ 50~63Hz

Power Consumption

≤35W @ O37T-Bx-MU

100W @ O37T-Bx-RU

80W@ O37T-BxBx-MU

220W@ O37T-BxBx-RU


370×300×150 mm @ O37T-Bx-MU

370×280×140 mm @ O37T-Bx-RU

370×300×150 mm @ O37T-BxBx-MU

450×350×190 mm @ O37T-BxBx-RU


≤12 kg @ O37T-Bx-MU

≤12 kg @ O37T-Bx-RU

≤15 kg @ O37T-BxBx-MU

≤25 kg @ O37T-BxBx-RU

Note:The letter "x" means the 3gpp band number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 39, 40, N41, N78

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