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Mobile Phone Signal Booster For Long Distance Coverage-Fiber Optic Repeater

Mobile Phone Signal Booster For Long Distance Coverage-Fiber Optic Repeater


        Fiber optic repeater is a repeater that uses optical fibers for signal transmission. It is also a kind of mobile cell phone signal booster. The use of optical fiber has the characteristics of low transmission loss, convenient wiring and suitable for long-distance transmission. It can solve the problem that the base station signal cannot be received in villages, towns, tourist areas, highways, etc. Fiber optic repeaters can also solve signal coverage problems in large and very large buildings, such as those used in large high-rise area buildings (groups), and in communities with higher requirements.


        With the rapid development of the world mobile communication industry, the number of mobile communication users is increasing, the cellular planning is getting smaller and smaller, and the position of  the optical fiber repeater is getting lower and lower. On the other hand, with the construction of high-rise cities, high-rise buildings are constantly appearing. Due to the shadowing effect of wireless transmission, blind or weak areas of mobile communication signals are often formed behind or in the middle of these high-rise buildings. In addition, during the construction of cellular mobile base stations, due to the interference problem of adjacent cells, the main lobe of the antenna radiation field pattern has a large down-tilt angle. Therefore, the middle and upper parts of high-rise buildings cannot effectively receive signals. This is why people study fiber optic repeaters.


        In addition, due to the shielding effect of buildings, etc. on electromagnetic waves, in some enclosed large buildings, such as tunnels, subways, underground shopping malls, parking lots, hotels and office buildings, mobile communication signals are usually not received.


        The optical fiber repeater is mainly composed of optical fiber near-end unit, optical fiber and optical fiber remote unit (covering unit). Both the optical proximal machine and the optical distal machine include a radio frequency unit and an optical unit. After the wireless signal is coupled from the base station, it enters the optical transceiver through electro-optical conversion, and the electrical signal is converted into an optical signal, from the optical transceiver to the optical fiber, and then transmitted to the optical remote machine through the optical fiber. The signal is converted into an electrical signal and enters the radio frequency unit for amplification. After the signal is amplified, it is sent to the transmit antenna to cover the target area. Uplink works the same way. The signal sent by the mobile phone reaches the optical remote unit through the receiving antenna, then reaches the near-end unit, and then returns to the optical fiber repeater. This is how a fiber optic repeater works.


        The above consultation about cell phone signal amplifier fiber optic repeater is provided by Amplitec.

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