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What is the radiation coverage of the cell phone signal booster?

What is the radiation coverage of the cell phone signal booster?


    Mobile phone signal boosters have the same feature as WIFI, that is, they have a limited transmission range. It is impossible to say that the booster we installed can enhance the signal of several kilometers around, which is too exaggerated. In fact, the coverage area of the booster is related to (output power, wire length, outdoor signal, installation environment). Usually, less than 10mW is enough for home use, and a host of about 100mW is required to install multiple indoor antennas in a project.

    The mobile phone signal booster is also called the mobile phone signal amplifier. Its effect is to strengthen the strength of the signal. It is one of the standard solutions for the unstable and weak signal of the mobile phone at present.

cell phone signal booster

    In addition to caring about the signal coverage of the mobile phone signal booster, people also want to know the range of its radiation. Let's take a look.

    1. The booster must have radiation. If there is no radiation, there will be no mobile phone signal, but it can be regarded as air, and the impact on health can be ignored.

    2. Generally, if the weight is within 2KG, the power is within 25dBm (320mW). The power of the mobile phone is generally within 33dBm (2W), and it will automatically change according to the signal environment. When the signal is strong, the power is generally within 10dBm (10mW). In the worst signal environment, the power can reach The highest is 33dBm (2W).

    3. After the above two parameters are clear, remember: the entire power of the mobile phone is passed in and out through one antenna, and it is used against the head; and the amplifier is generally connected to many cable antennas, so the power will also be divided accordingly. Come, and at least 2 meters away from the human head. 

    4. When the mobile phone signal is less than -90dBm, there will be problems in making calls. After the signal is amplified by the mobile phone signal booster, the general signal strength is within -50dBm. When making a phone call in an environment with poor signal, the radiation received by the human body with and without the amplifier is as follows:

signal repeater

    After installation: space signal radiation below -50dBm + radiation within 10dBm (10mW) of the mobile phone when the signal is good. 

    Not installed: space signal radiation below -90dBm + radiation within 33dBm (2000mW) of the mobile phone when the signal is poor.

    Finally, please subscribe to Amplitec's amplifier, which is safe and radiation-free, and has the best signal enhancement effect.

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