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Microstrip Splitter (800-2700MHz)

Microstrip Splitter (800-2700MHz)

Product Feature:

* Wide Frequency Band Microstrip Splitter 800-2700 MHz

* Low Insertion Loss

* Low VSWR

* High Isolation

* Widely used in IBS & DAS

* Guaranteed one year standard

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The full name of the power divider is the power divider, the English name Power divider, is a device that divides the energy of one input signal into two or more channels to output equal or unequal energy, and can also conversely combine the energy of multiple signals into one output. It can also be called a combiner. A certain degree of isolation should be guaranteed between the output ports of a power divider. The power divider is usually divided into one-two (one input and two outputs), one-third (one input and three outputs) and so on according to the output. The main technical parameters of the power divider are power loss (including insertion loss, distribution loss and reflection loss), voltage standing wave ratio of each port, isolation between power distribution ports, amplitude balance, phase balance, power capacity and frequency band width etc.

Model NumberSN50-2N-0827SN50-3N-0827SN50-4N-0827SN50-6N-0827SN50-8N-0827
Frequency Band (MHz)800-2700
Input Ports2-way3-way4-way6-way8-way
Split Loss(dB)
Insertion Loss(dB)≦0.5≦0.6≦0.6≦1.1≦1.2
Average Power(W)50
RF ConnectorN-female
Working Temperature(deg)-35~+65
Relative Humidity5%-95%

Microstrip power divider

power divider

Power splitter

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