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Pucker Rubber Antenna
Pucker Rubber Antenna
  • Pucker Rubber Antenna
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Pucker Rubber Antenna

Product Feature:

Good VSWR performance ,small size and elegant appearance,simple installation, stable performance.

good performance in anti-vibration and resistant to aging.

Suitable for small area coverage solution.

A low gain antenna designed for mobile terminals of various kinds frequency band; 
This antenna can be used on WIFI and WLAN device with good receptivity;
The antenna features wide frequency range, low VSWR, solid structure, high anti-fracture and high anti-bending abilities

MODEL IG9018-03360 IG9022-03360
Frequency 900~1800MHz 890~2170MHz
Gain 2.5dBi 2.5dBi
VSWR <3 <3
Max power 50W 50W
Impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Weight 25g 25g
Color gray  or Beige gray  or Beige
Size: Diameter*height φ14×207mm φ14×207mm
Connector SMA or N SMA or N
Temperature -40℃ ~+70℃ -40℃ ~+70℃