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Omni Ceiling Antenna
Omni Ceiling Antenna
  • Omni Ceiling Antenna
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Omni Ceiling Antenna

Product Feature:

Elegant appearance, simple installation, stable performance.

Good performance in anti-vibration and resistant to aging.

Fit for installation for Aluminum ceiling and Gypsum Ceiling.

360° coverage can be achieved via Omni Ceiling Antenna; its gain is relatively low, mainly used in such indoor environment as meeting rooms, hotels and restaurants, business buildings, cinema, residential area etc. If adopt indoor distribution system, mini Omni Ceiling Antenna is a good choice with elegant appearance, low power consumption and wide band. Usually, it is installed on the ceiling of each floor in the large building where mobile signal needs to be enhanced.                    

MODEL IO8025-03360
Frequency 824-960/1710-2500MHz
Gain 3/5dBi
VSWR <1.4
Max power 100W
Impedance 50Ω
Polarization Vertical
Beamwidth-H 360°
Beamwidth-E 824-960MHz ≥ 65° -110°
1710-2500MHz≥30° -55°
Color beige
Dimension φ160×95mm
Connector Type N-Female or customized
Terminal line White 5D-FB, L=350mm
Weight 0.35kg
Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Radiating Element Material copper
Radome Material ABS

   In accordance with the installation sketch, drill a hole of Φ20mm in the ceiling.  Screw the fixing nut to fasten the antenna on the ceiling.  The ceiling’s thickness is at most 20mm.

Project Case: