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34~40dBm Fiber Optical Repeater
34~40dBm Fiber Optical Repeater
  • 34~40dBm Fiber Optical Repeater
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34~40dBm Fiber Optical Repeater

Product Feature:

Stable performance, good signal coverage.

Flexible design and engineering.

Avoid co-channel interference, Omni directional coverage, and low interference.

Suitable for GSM, CDMA channel selective.  

Single stage directional transfer distance up to 50km, increase coverage area.

Gain increased without self-oscillation, help to increase downlink output power.

Signal transfer without interference by environment condition.

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With the phenomenon of high-rising in city construction, high-rise building are emerging, and due to the shadowing effect of radio transmission, there are always blind or weak areas of mobile communication signal in the back or in the middle of these high-rise buildings. Further, in the process of the construction of cellular mobile base station, considering the interference problem of the neighborhood nearby, the main lobe of its antenna directional radiation diagram has a larger downward inclination angle, so on the upper floors of the high-rise buildings signal can not be received effectively. Besides, due to the electromagnetic wave shielding effect of the buildings, inside of some closed and large buildings like tunnels, subways, underground malls, entertainment centers, parking lots, hotels, office buildings and so on, mobile communication signal can not received normally.

Fiber Optical Repeater is the repeater using fiber optic for signal transmission, taking advantage of the characteristic of small transmission loss, easy for wiring and suitable for long-distance transmission, to solve the problem that cannot receive BTS signal for towns, tourist areas, roads, etc. As well as it can solve the inside signal coverage for the large and super large buildings, and it can used for large high-rise buildings, residential communities and other occasions with higher requirement.

Features of Fiber Optical Repeater:
(1) Working stably, good coverage effect.
Fiber Optical Repeater transmits signal through fiber optic, not affected by geography, weather change or coverage range adjustment of donor base station, so it works stably and has great coverage effect.
(2) The design and the construction is more flexible.
Using Fiber Optical Repeat, no need to consider whether it can receive signal on the installation site when do the construction design; No need to consider the isolation problem, convenient for site choosing.
(3) Avoid Co-channel interference, can be omnidirectional coverage, less interference:
Fiber Optical Repeater is to expand the coverage range of base station, transforming the downlink RF signal into optic signal, transmitting from base station to remote area via fiber optic, which reduces the interference and insertion loss to a minimum.
(4) Increasing the gain without self-oscillation, benefits to increase the downlink signal transmission power.
(5) There's no geographical restrictions for signal transmission, especially suitable for remote towns or complex terrain.

OMT Function
 * Local PC monitoring and remoting Internet monitoring function.
 * Can set No., UL&DL gain of host and sub-device in local PC to remote monitoring.
 * Can check the device No., version, output power, UL&DL attenuation value and alarm item. 
 * Support remote upgrade device AVR process, facilitate upgrading and maintenance.


                                                                                       Model frequency

Frequency range

Uplink Downlink
EGSM/ LTE 8 880-915MHz 925-960MHz
GSM 890-915MHz 935-960MHz
DCS/ LTE 3 1710-1785MHz 1805-1880MHz
PCS/ LTE 2 1850-1910MHz 1930-1990MHz
CDMA/ LTE 5 824-849MHz 869-894MHz
WCDMA/ LTE 1 1920-1980MHz 2110-2170MHz
IDEN 806-824MHz 851-869MHz
AWS/ LTE 4 1710~1755MHz 2110~2155MHz

Electrical Specification 

Items Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range 890~ 915 MHz 935 ~ 960 MHz
Max.Gain 50±2    dB
Carrier Quantity 8  16  24  32  40  48 channels
Manual Gain Control 30dB @1dB step+/-1.5dB
Automatic Gain Control >20dB (When the signal input level increases 20db, the output power should be within 2 db or shut off.)
in Band Ripple ≤3dB/ p-p
Max. Input Power Without Damage 0 dBm 0dBm
Output Power ≥0    dBm ≥40    dBm
Intermodulation Products 9KHz~1GHz ≦ -36 dBm ≦ -42 dBc
1GHz~12.75GHz ≦ -30 dBm ≦ -36 dBm
Spurious Emission 9KHz~1GHz ≦ -36 dBm ≦ -36 dBm
1GHz~12.75GHz ≦ -30 dBm ≦ -30 dBm
Effective input noise (EIN) ≦-124dBm/hz
Noise Figure @ max. gain ≦5 dB (Light receiver-126dBm/CH) /
Return loss ≦-14 dB
Time Delay ≦1.5μS+(0~233) μS
MTBF >50000    hours
Power Supply AC164~265V, 50/ 60Hz
Power Consumption < 250W
Link a machine APC/FC,PC/FC
RF Connector N-Female
Impedance 50 ohm
Switch Power Switch、Manual Gain Control Switch
Cooling Heatsink Convection cooling
Dimensions (D x W xH ) 2U/400*560*185 (mm)
Weight < 35 Kg
Installation Type Engine room / Wall Installation (or Pole Mount)
Environment Conditions IP65
Humidity < 90%
Operating Temperature -10℃~55℃
Alarm item 1.Door Open 2.RF PA Alarm 3.Optical LD 4.Optical PD 5.AC Power 6.VSWR alarm
Remote/ Local Control Local Via RS232  RemoteVia wireless Modem

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