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C10G Series Wide Band Mini Signal Booster
C10G Series Wide Band Mini Signal Booster
  • C10G Series Wide Band Mini Signal Booster
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C10G Series Wide Band Mini Signal Booster

Product Feature:

Uplink and Downlink ALC ( Automatic Level Control) function

Uplink and Downlink 5dB or 10db or 15db ATT ( Attenuation) function

RSSI function ( ALC Receiving Signal Strength Indicator)

Low consumption, Light weight

Compact and portable size

Easy installation and maintenance

Auto uplink shut down and Self-excitation protection function

* MOQ: 10 Pcs

C10G series wide band mini signal booster  is designed with harmonious humanity conception, as a perfect combination of environmental protection and signal coverage. The C10G series products carried with many features like, low consumption, light weight, high gain, low output power and easy installation, etc.

It provides a rapid and perfect solution to solve and optimize the weak signal of houses, offices, hotels, elevators, underground parking lots and other small weak signal area.

Standard Package

1) AC90-260V ,DC5V 1A power supply adapter 1PCS
2) AC power cord (EU standard/ US standard/UK standard/ SA standard/China standard, etc.) 1PCS
3) Installation kit 1PCS
4) User manual 1PCS

Model frequency

ModelFrequency rangeUplinkDownlink
CDMA/ LTE 5824-849MHz869-894MHz
WCDMA/ LTE 11920-1980MHz2110-2170MHz
AWS/ LTE 41710~1755MHz2110~2155MHz
C10LDCS/ LTE 31710-1785MHz1805-1880MHz
PCS/ LTE 21850.5-1989.5MHz1930.5-1989.5MHz
EGSM/ LTE 8880-915MHz925-960MHz

Electrical Specification  

Frequency rangeGSM890~ 915 MHz935 ~ 960 MHz
CDMA824~ 849 MHz869 ~ 894 MHz
DCS1710~ 1770 MHz1805 ~ 1865 MHz
PCS1855~ 1900 MHz1935 ~ 1980 MHz
WCDMA1920~ 1980 MHz2110 ~ 2170 MHz
Gain ( centre frequency)60 ± 3 dB60 ± 3 dB
Ripple in band≤ 8dB
ALC starts in 10dB, Power variation△≤ 1dB
Output power10 ± 2 dBm10 ± 2 dBm
Intermodulation≤ -36 dBm≤ -36 dBm
Spurious Emission9KHz~1GHz≤ -36 dBm (RBW=30KHz)≤ -36 dBm (RBW=30KHz)
1GHz~12.75GHz≤ -30 dBm (RBW=1MHz)≤ -30 dBm (RBW=1MHz)
Noise figure≤ 8 dB
ATT attenuation (CF) frequency)5dB△<1dB
VSWR≤ 2.5
Time delay≤ 0.5 μs
Power supplyDC:+ 5V ,≤ 0.8 A
Power consumption≤ 4 Watt
LED indicatorON:Green; OFF:no color
AlarmALC doesn't workGreen
ALC starts in 5-10dBOrange
ALC starts in 15-20dBRed
Weight≤ 0.5 Kg
Working temperature-10℃ ~ 50℃


CE certification

Hi-Tech product certification